The Obamacare Nightmare Comes True

A bunch of CEOs are in Washington. These people are beside themselves. They’re having to hire outside consultants to pore through the Obamacare legislation and advise them, tell them what they have to do to comply. And they are asking for some kind of relief.

You’ve got John Schnatter at Papa John’s pizza, the Applebee’s people and a number of other restaurant chains are saying, “We have no choice.” If they’re gonna keep our products priced where they are, which is the price they’ve all determined is the most sensible for profit stability and affordability for customers, they’re gonna have to let some employees go or they’re gonna have to convert them to part time, something, in order to stay status quo. And if they can’t stay status quo, if their prices skyrocket, their businesses suffer. So there’s no win-win here, and these CEOs are being harassed by extremist liberals via Twitter and Facebook and direct e-mail. They’re being threatened because of their public statements of what changes they might have to make in the way they run their businesses.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. These major CEOs in town, they want to meet with Obama and they want to have a chat about this because they don’t know what they’re gonna have to do to comply. Nobody can understand the legislation. And Obama doesn’t know what’s in it, and the bottom line is he doesn’t care what’s in it. “Mr. Limbaugh, how in the world can you say that the president –” because he doesn’t care about the details. All Obama is interested in is the following. That after a certain number of years of this mass confusion, the only solution will be single payer. Whatever hell happens between now and then is the price to pay for it. We are headed to single-payer health care, the government being the payer, the government being the determining factor in virtually everything.



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