The Obama administration proposed at least 80 new regulations the day after Thanksgiving (go ahead and give ‘em a scroll-through for some good times), adding to the now 1,773 proposed in the last thirty days. …But tax hikes on the wealthy and more government spending are what we need to get our economy going again. Uh-huh.


Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals: VA MATIC Enrollment/Change; OMB No. 0525; FR Doc. #2012-28454

FR–5597–N–02 Request for Information on Adopting Smoke-Free Policies in Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) and Multifamily Housing: Reopening of Public Comment Period

Agency Information Collection Activities; Comment Request; National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) 2014-16 System Clearance

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