The New Romney Surge – and How Obama Is Blowing the Endgame

The post-Sandy, pre-Election Day polls are all in. And Romney is hanging onto a slim lead in national polls, while the swing states have not changed much–except that Minnesota and Pennsylvania are now in play. The election–like the historic 1980 election that brought Ronald Reagan to power–is too close to call.

It is clear that superstorm Sandy–or, more accurately, the media megastorm around the superstorm–cost Romney a few points nationwide. But the bounce seems to have passed, and with it the opportunity for President Barack Obama to make the most of the moment. Indeed, he may have deflated his own bounce.

When Obama bounded across the tarmac last Thursday in a leather bomber jacket, emblazoned with a “commender-in-chief” patch, he was clearly feeling the wind at his back. He had just returned to the campaign trail from New Jersey, where he cut a figure of national unity with Republican Gov. Chris Christie.



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