The GOP Consultant Class Blames Rush

Remember the theory of elections. Forty percent vote Democrat, 40% vote Republican, 20% in the middle. And all these consultants for years, decades, they portray themselves to Republican candidates as “I’m the guy who can get you the moderate vote. I’m the guy who can get you the independent vote. I’m the guy who can make you win the election. I’m the guy that can overcome this conservative problem the party has.” They end up with these squishy candidates. They end up with these candidates that have no chance of winning, and even if they would win, they would be disasters because they’re Democrat-lite, and then after they lose and lose and lose, what do they do? Blame a guy on the radio.

I’ll never forget, just to remind you here, before Obama was even inaugurated, I was so criticized when I said Obama’s policies to undermine the private sector were on purpose, when I said I hope he fails, ’cause I knew what he was gonna do. He did exactly what I knew he was gonna do, and I didn’t want him to succeed at that. I didn’t want him to succeed in destroying capitalism and all of these great traditions and institutions that have defined this country’s greatness, that have made us a superpower. But look at what’s happened. You look back on it, it was on purpose. It’s obvious. You know, playing Santa Claus doesn’t sell when you got 4% unemployment, but when you have eight or 9% unemployment, it does.

So you wreck the economy, you jack up unemployment, you do it on purpose, and you hold out the government as the answer, the savior, as the immediate savior. Forget working hard. There aren’t any jobs. And even if you could find a job, it’s not gonna pay enough. This country is not the same way it was, is Obama’s message, let me handle it for you. We’ll extend your unemployment benefits. I mean, go back and look at the number of times Obama uses the word “benefits” in speeches that he makes all four years and telling people how to get theirs.

See, I don’t think there’s any question about it. The question is, have we lost the country? And we got this Thomas B. Edsall piece in the New York Times yesterday in which he basically says that we have. Just summarizing this, in a nutshell, Edsall says that all the Democrat pollsters say that I’m right. He cites Pew, Greenberg, Carville, Public Religion Research Institute as polls, but the money quote is at the end. He says the upcoming fiscal cliff deal will show whether our side has lost the country or not.



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