Still in shock

After the shocking results on election night, many were quick to put on a good face and a positive attitude (including myself) and say that we’ll just move on in as positive a way as possible. Plus I think that we were so weary from having focused so strongly and so long on the great task of trying to turn our country back in a positive economic, moral and intelligent direction.


But now in the morning after the morning after, I woke up with the feeling, “What the heck just happened? Did evil and incompetence actually win over goodness and competence? Yes it did. How could that happen?” So I think the next stages of grief are setting in – a sober reflection on facing reality and responding to it.


And part of that reality is: not only did the lying, fear mongering Obama and his gaff-machine, mocking sidekick maintain charge of this country, but a number of other good people went down, like Allen West in Florida. And a winner in Florida, Alan Grayson, was the biggest weasel in 2010, who lost because of putting out an ad that had selective editing that showed his opponent saying something that he really didn’t say. He got caught and lost. But now he’s been re-elected? How can that happen? He’s what people always complain that they don’t like in politicians.


There are so many other lies and distortions by democrats (including Obama and Biden) and their supporters that don’t get pointed out except by a few conservative reporters. And worse yet, when they are reported, they are laughed off by many as gaffs and not treated as the serious character defects that they are.


The pundits were saying that “You are going to lose the women vote if you go negative!” construing “negative” as being any kind of attack against your opponent. Well that proved to not be true because all that the evil party had was attacks, and they won, including the women vote. The lesson: telling the truth is not negative.


I think what happened was that we were SO SURE that evil and incompetence could not possibly win over goodness and competence, that we were just going to play it “civil” and just look forward to the day that the country was going to get a fresh start on November 7 with a bright new outlook and that we didn’t need to go “negative” to get there. And that’s why a number of commentators predicted a “landslide” for Romney. And they even had some good science to back it up. But now we find ourselves in shock that that didn’t happen. How could half of such a large country be so blind?


Glenn Beck said it best when he said, “Last night it was clear that half of our country – our neighbors – are utterly and completely lost in darkness.” It’s understandable that that is such a hard thing to believe and accept. But it was proven true on election day.


In retrospect, I think the biggest mistake was to not more aggressively expose and attack  just how evil and incompetent the other party is. Yes, Mitt Romney did a good job pointing a lot of that out (and it still pains me to think that he didn’t win), and that was rewarded by the bounce he got after the first debate. But he let up after that, perhaps fearing the women-backlash I previously mentioned and wanting to appear “presidential.” No, this is a war against evil … against an abortion-loving, homosexual-insanity-supporting, God-not-seeing, sloth-rewarding party. And all of those things, which are causing so much suffering, are seen as “cool.” No, they are evil and insane.

Are people really aware of how gross partial birth abortion is and how good the Born Alive Infant Protection Act is?  This act was to protect babies who survived abortion and not just leave them to die. A vote against this legislation was a vote for infanticide, and Obama voted against it four times when in the Illinois congress.


Why didn’t we learn the lesson of how evil gained so much ground against the GOP in the Bush years via the intimidation of “compassionate conservatism”? A lot of the GOP is STILL intimidated. They haven’t made it to honestly and FULLY and incessantly expose the truth. And it’s unfortunate that THE biggest solution – God and His perfect ways in the Bible – is still a walking on eggshells situation in this country.


But the evil party will use every possible trick to avoid being exposed and selfishly hold on to their power and all the perks that go along with it.


I’ve been blowing the trumpet to expose the evil and incompetence of the democrats with articles and books all the way back to the evil that I saw a first-time running, cheating Clinton was going to usher in (which he did). My warning before he ran against HW was mocked as a “love letter” by some. But then the country did finally wake up, thanks to Rush Limbaugh’s TV show, and had a massive landslide election in 1994.


Hopefully now people will finally wake up again, as they did during the mid term elections in 1994 and 2010. Or will it be like the line in the Don McLean song “Vincent” – “perhaps they never will.”


But as long as I have breath, I will do the BEST thing – and continue to promote a perfect God and His perfect ways in an increasingly imperfect world.



Dennis Marcellino is the author of a number of books, including The Plague Of Liberalism (, THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is true (which can be seen at and Why Are We Here? (which can be seen at



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