States hit hard by Sandy vow to be ready on Election Day, even if voters aren’t

Come hell or high water – which superstorm Sandy brought – elections will go on as scheduled in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, officials vowed.

While elections officials can’t do much about the effect Sandy’s aftermath will have on turnout, they said those who want to vote will get the chance on Tuesday, even if it’s by filling out a paper ballot or making their choice in a makeshift booth aboard an Army truck. While the three states hit hardest by the storm are solidly blue, all but ensuring their electoral votes go to President Obama, votes from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut will skew popular vote totals, and there are House and Senate races that will be affected.

“This is unprecedented, we won’t really know what will happen until that day,” New Jersey-based GOP pollster Adam Geller said to “My guess would be that turnout will be low especially in areas affected by the storm. There will probably be a lot more provisional ballots.



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