Sorry, Beltway Media, the Tea Party Is Here–and Fighting to Win

Beltway media shoe-gazer EJ Dionne is pushing an incoherent (and unintentionally humorous) theory that the Tea Party movement has joined Osama bin Laden as a casualty under the Obama administration.

Mr. Dionne is apparently an authority on the Tea Party. His brilliant prediction in 2010 was “The Tea Party…will not determine the outcome of the 2010 elections.”

Most political analysts will confirm not only was Mr. Dionne wrong, but that 2010 was the year the Tea Party movement brought about the biggest political shift in America in 62 years. Mr. Dionne failed to notice the single biggest political shift in his lifetime, just like he’s failing to notice the tremendous effect the Tea Party movement is having across America in the 2012 elections.

Mr. Dionne and some of his colleagues in the media have missed the point that the Tea Party movement is about something bigger than winning the next election; it is about winning the hearts and minds of like-minded Americans who know this country is headed in the wrong direction. Four years of an Administration that has taken us to a $16 trillion dollar debt and more–borrowing from China–and a federal government oblivious to an economic disaster ahead has awakened hundreds of thousands of Americans to act.



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