All of our lives, ladies and gentlemen, what have we heard when it comes to presidential elections? It’s the economy, it’s the economy, it’s the economy. In my lifetime, I’ve not lived in a worse economy than this one. This should have been a slam dunk. But it wasn’t. There are reasons why. We’re gonna have to dig deep to find them and we’re gonna have to be honest with ourselves when we find the answers to this. I keep reading a bunch of stuff that bloggers and conservative analysts are saying.

One of the popular theories is, “Well, you know, you still can’t discount the historical nature. He’s the first African-American president, and the American people felt sorry for him. They just want to give him a second chance. They just couldn’t bring themselves to vote against him. The next time, Rush, the Democrats aren’t gonna have that kind of hold on anybody. They’re not gonna have that kind of attachment to people,” and blah, blah. Look, I’m in favor of optimism as much as the next guy, but we are living in the midst of the Democrat Party transforming this country. I don’t deny and I don’t doubt that race is a central factor in what happened, but it is not the sole explanation. There are additional substantive reasons. You can’t minimize the woman in Cleveland, “Obama phone! He give us a phone, Obama phone!”

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