So Now Benghazi is About the GOP’s Racism and Sexism?

The real problem that we face today, and everybody knows it, is the overt racism and sexism of the Republicans who are still asking questions about Benghazi and Susan Rice.

By the way, the real thing about this Benghazi business and why there is a continued interest in it and what the real question with the unknown answer is… You can talk all you want about Susan Rice going out, lying about the video being responsible and all of that. There are seven-and-a-half hours where the president of the United States is not accounted for. That’s what this is really all about, as far as I’m concerned. We have a dead ambassador, we have three other dead Americans, and in the midst of this attack nobody knows where the president was. I think that’s the real question everybody has. Why wasn’t there a response? Why wasn’t there orders given? Was Obama even engaged?

I mentioned this once a couple, three weeks ago, and Snerdley said, “Well, what do you mean? You think he was asleep?”

I don’t know. It could be he zoned out. It could be he didn’t want to be involved. It could be he said, “Handle it, I don’t care,” but he wasn’t engaged in this, and that’s why the seven-and-a-half, eight hours, whatever it was, of this attack, that’s the real unknown answer. Why were there no orders to respond? Why was the fact that this place was under siege not a big deal? Why was the fact that the ambassador was in the process of being killed and three other Americans, where was the president? No, I’m not coming back singularly focused on Obama. I just think if that’s the subject, Benghazi, I think that’s one of the primary aspects of this whole thing is where was Obama. That’s what everybody really wants to know and beating around the bush to get it. What everybody’s really concerned about, of course, is the racism and the sexism of the Republicans and how they are doing everything they can to be mean as they can to Susan Rice.



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