Sign of National Resentment for the American Way of Life: Kristof Angry About Private Generators During Sandy

This guy Nicholas Kristof, this is mainstream liberal opinion at the New York Times, a piece over the weekend upset about the electrical grid being insufficient, failing, being knocked out of power. Not just during Hurricane Sandy, but primarily then, but any other time it goes down, it’s not fair that some people aren’t affected by it. They’re able to go out and own private home generators to get through the outage while other people are unable to. And he claims that the reason that this is possible is that tax rates on the rich have been too low, which means the rich have too much disposable income, and with that disposable income they’re able to go out and buy private generators that they really shouldn’t be entitled to have. It’s not fair.

Now, as I go through all this, keep in mind based on the election results, the American people agree with this. The American people signed on for this. The American people, maybe by a couple, three million votes, whatever it was, 51 to 48%, the American people agree with this. You don’t get points for getting close. You don’t get points for almost winning. You don’t get points for losing, but not by a landslide. You’d be amazed. The people of California voted to increase their own taxes. They voted to raise taxes on themselves. The people of California are voting for what is happening there. And now we can say the people of this country are voting for what’s happening here.

So when Kristof says low taxes on the rich are to be opposed because they are able to go out and buy things like private home generators so that they don’t feel the electrical grid outage, so it means we have to raise taxes and also the grid failed because we’re not doing enough on global warming. We’re not raising taxes enough to deal with global warming. We have failed to deal with climate change. We don’t have high enough taxes on the rich, and that means that our infrastructure is decaying, that there is a greater inequality of income among the people, and the real insult is that the wealthy are then able to opt out from public services.

Now, in the old days, not too long ago, I remember where this is the kind of thing that people aspired to. People aspired to be successful, to earn enough money to provide themselves an increasing standard of living, and this provided motivation and inspiration for others to follow. Now, that’s not the way it is in America anymore and we’re going to have come to understand that. Success is not inspirational. Success is not motivational. Success makes you a target. Success makes you an enemy. Success means that you aren’t playing fair. And I’m not exaggerating.



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