Should Only Those Who Pay Taxes Should be Allowed to Vote?

By Jerald Taylor:

Our republic, in its current form, cannot continue forever. The old adage that once the peasants learn that they can vote themselves bread is rapidly proving itself to be true. Any but a fool can see that no government can continually spend more than it takes in can last. We can see it… the fools can’t. The point is that we must desperately attempt to educate them before they run the entire American experiment into the ground. Otherwise we will go the way of Greece, into insolvency, massive inflation and turmoil.

Whenever enlightened people gain control of our government or in the next republic, if it comes to that, the vote must be restricted to those who pay taxes (which will be most people) and the government should be required to balance its budget except in time of declared war. The idea that all men are created equal and should therefore be able to vote is baloney. All men should be treated fairly and with compassion, but only those who pay some amount of tax, regardless how small, actually have some skin in the game and should be able to decide how much they are willing to spend.

Government should be limited to military, judicial, police, education, maintenance of public parks, regulation of commerce, infrastructure and very few other things, none of which should include charitable purposes, regardless how worthy. Unemployed persons who want money from the government should be given something called a “job” performing projects related to some purpose within the governmental functions, similar to the Work Projects Administration or Civilian Conservation Corps of the depression era. Those who are truly unable to support themselves should be objects of charity.

Anyone who believes that other things “ought to be done” should feel free to donate their own money toward the causes which they espouse. That would result in much greater efficiency, as we would not waste money fighting over those things which one group or another wants to force others to fund.



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