SELLING — OR SOLVING? Obama Kicks Off Tax Hike Campaign

Republicans are questioning why President Obama is using campaign-style events to pitch his plan for tax increases to solve the looming debt crisis even as the White House and lawmakers are engaged in bipartisan talks behind closed doors.

Texas Sen. John Cornyn joined a chorus of Republican leaders appealing to the president to get engaged in negotiations, noting Obama has no public plan for cuts while continuing to blast Republicans’ demand to extend tax cuts for all Americans.

On Wednesday, the president was to ramp up his public pitch amid a backdrop of hand-picked, middle-class voters at the White House. But Cornyn and others urged him to instead focus on negotiations for a balanced plan that includes more tax revenues along with deep spending cuts.

“All that Republicans are asking is to maintain the current rates until we adopt real bipartisan tax reform,” Cornyn said in an editorial Wednesday in the Dallas Morning News.



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