Selective Leadership: White House Releases Photo of Obama Monitoring Sandy

The White House has released a photograph of President Obama receiving updates and watching video of hurricane Sandy on a big monitor in the situation room on Oct. 30.

The goal is to look presidential in a time of crisis. But it inadvertently raises a very simple question: Where are the photographs of President Obama watching the chaos in Benghazi on Sept 11?

We know there were two drones providing live video feeds of the Benghazi attack in real time. Is there a photograph of Obama watching these?

It is distressing that during an event like a hurricane, where state and local services are doing the lion’s share of the real work, Obama is hands-on in the situation room. But during Benghazi, with national security at stake and the lives of four Americans in jeopardy, we have no proof that Obama was even watching the video feeds.



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