See, I Told You So: Obama Wants Revenge

This country is not gonna elect a guy president who’s running around telling people to vote for revenge. Revenge! Might have been the first to point this out last week, Obama telling his voters to vote for revenge. What revenge? Revenge against who? Revenge for what? I want to take you back, just to show you how on the cutting edge you are if you are a daily, regular listener to this program. We’re gonna go back to February 27, 2009, Obama has been president for barely a month, barely a month, and I want you to hear what I told you one month into the Obama regime.

RUSH ARCHIVE: He thinks he represents the America that’s been getting the shaft for 200 years. He represents the America that’s on the wrong side of every deal. They get the raw deal, the rotten deal. They have been screwed. They have been shafted. They’ve been taken advantage of. They’ve been discriminated against. It’s time to make it right. It’s time to show these people that have been doing these evil things to people exactly how it feels. So you want to find out what it’s like on welfare, you don’t care people are on it, here you go, here’s your unemployment check. You want to find out what it feels like to be scared to death, here you go. This is about revenge, a little vengeance. It is about theoretical capitalism that they despise ’cause they can’t control it and again because they think it’s unfair and unjust and unequal. No, no, no, they’re not, in their minds, trying to destroy America. They’re trying to rewrite it.

RUSH: That was me one month into this presidency, and I told you it was about revenge. The revenge I was speaking about here, this is Obama getting revenge for the country since its founding. It was unfairly founded, unjustly founded, too many people got the shaft and too few people got the spoils, and Obama’s here to change all that. Not enough people knew what it’s like to be on welfare. Not enough people knew what it’s like to have hardship. The country was founded so that certain people never did experience hardship, and it’s time they did. I have known who this guy is since before the election in 2008. So there he is. One month in, I’m telling you this guy is about revenge and vengeance and how they don’t like capitalism at the Obama administration. ‘Cause they can’t control it, because they think it’s unfair, unjust, and unequal. And in their minds they’re not trying to destroy America; they’re trying to rewrite it, make it more fair, more just. In fact, what they’re trying to do is rewrite it so government is all-powerful.



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