Republicans Want in on Welfare State

The fact that so many Americans are not paying taxes can be traced in part to certain Republican policies. But therein lies the rub. And that is, every time the Republicans try to be Democrat-lite, it doesn’t work. By the way, I would remind Newt that he’s the same guy that TIME Magazine put a big picture of him on the cover with the headline — one word — “Scrooge.” Okay. So why, folks, is this Santa Claus thing so upsetting to these guys?

It’s a very simple and easy to understand explanation of redistributionist policy, and especially when you got 8% unemployment, Obama made that happen. You go out, you attack the private sector. You say the private sector’s inherently unfair, capitalism is unfair, unjust, immoral, and then you go show how it is, and then what do you propose is the opposite? Government picking up the slack. What is that?

So here’s my theory on this. These politicians have to assess the world in which they live. And when they do that, they can do one of two things. They all want to either be reelected or they want to position themselves for higher office, or stay in office. Now, this is the world they live in. They have to assess what’s happening and then ask themselves questions. Do I want to get in on that and be seen by voters that way, or do I want to take a different approach, educate, inform, what have you? What I think is happening here is that an assessment of reality has been made, and I think this is the world they live in. They have concluded that they do not want to upset the people who are getting freebies. They want their votes.



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