Prez Should Tap Romney as Secretary of Business

Interesting story here from Jonathan Alter at Bloomberg. Let me giving you the headline: “How Obama Can Heal His Rift With Business.” Now, we’re getting stories all over the place how the Republicans can heal their rift with Hispanics. How Republicans can reach out to the African-Americans. How Republicans can reach out to women. Here’s a story, “How Obama Can Heal His Rift With Business.” I have an idea. Obama talked about having a secretary of business, right? Now, we already have one. It’s called the secretary of commerce. But Obama talked about having a secretary of business. I got an idea. Appoint Mitt Romney as secretary of business. Snerdley’s in there laughing.

You shouldn’t laugh. It would be bipartisan, just like Clinton and Bush going off to ravaged tsunami areas and hurricanes and all this stuff. The parties working together, what a great optic this would be after a divisive election where the country is considered to be divided and going farther apart. You could clearly do that. So appoint Mitt Romney secretary of business. But actually, it is a story here about how Obama now has to repair his badly damaged relationship with the business community which overwhelmingly supported Romney. And, of course, what this presumes is that Obama wants to heal his rift with business. What all this presumes is, Obama wants business to do well. All this presumes that Obama wants business to prosper and thrive.

Well, there isn’t any evidence of that right now. The four years of the Obama administration, look at the economic policies, they’re clear anti-business. They’re anti-entrepreneur. They are anti-job creation. There hasn’t been anything in the slightest regard that has been oriented toward job creation other than the stimulus and other government programs, but what’s happening is the private sector’s shrinking. Money is being taken away from the private sector via any number of government programs. The government’s what’s swelling; the government’s what’s getting bigger. And now we’ve got the fiscal cliff that everybody’s worried we’re about to head over. Taxmageddon coming up, January, and we’ve got Obamacare about to be fully implemented and all kinds of new taxes and new regulations.



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