As the CorruptMedia hyperventilates over the juicery released by Quinnipiac today showing Obama winning all of America’s 12,458 electoral votes and Queen for a Day, the one poll they’ve intentionally ignored is a bombshell from Gallup showing Romney winning early votes by seven points and Obama’s early vote advantage collapsing 22 points over 2008.

The cover-up of this poll was so thorough that when the corrupt Politico did report on Gallup’s seven-point early vote advantage for Romney, they did so under a headline that laughably read: “Neither has edge in early voting.” That’s not bias on Politico’s part; it’s out-and-out lying. Well, now we have a second poll the media can ignore that further confirms Gallup’s findings and also shows Romney up seven points with early voters — this time from Pew:

The Pew Research Center survey found that the race is even among all likely voters nationwide (47% Obama, 47% Romney). Unlike the last campaign, the race also is close among voters who say they have already voted.

In the poll, conducted Oct. 24-28, 19% of likely voters say they have already voted; that is unchanged from the same week in the 2008 campaign (Oct. 23-26, 2008). Currently, Romney holds a seven-point edge among early voters (50% to 43%); because of the small sample, this lead is not statistically significant. At this point four years ago, Obama led John McCain by 19 points (53% to 34%) among early voters.

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