Pew: Obama’s Early Vote Average Collapses 26 Points over 2008

As the CorruptMedia hyperventilates over the juicery released by Quinnipiac today showing Obama winning all of America’s 12,458 electoral votes and Queen for a Day, the one poll they’ve intentionally ignored is a bombshell from Gallup showing Romney winning early votes by seven points and Obama’s early vote advantage collapsing 22 points over 2008.

The cover-up of this poll was so thorough that when the corrupt Politico did report on Gallup’s seven-point early vote advantage for Romney, they did so under a headline that laughably read: “Neither has edge in early voting.” That’s not bias on Politico’s part; it’s out-and-out lying. Well, now we have a second poll the media can ignore that further confirms Gallup’s findings and also shows Romney up seven points with early voters — this time from Pew:

The Pew Research Center survey found that the race is even among all likely voters nationwide (47% Obama, 47% Romney). Unlike the last campaign, the race also is close among voters who say they have already voted.

In the poll, conducted Oct. 24-28, 19% of likely voters say they have already voted; that is unchanged from the same week in the 2008 campaign (Oct. 23-26, 2008). Currently, Romney holds a seven-point edge among early voters (50% to 43%); because of the small sample, this lead is not statistically significant. At this point four years ago, Obama led John McCain by 19 points (53% to 34%) among early voters.



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