Petraeus Changes His Benghazi Story

Petraeus is saying, and Peter King from New York, the congressman, is saying that it was terrorism from the get-go, that he always thought it was terrorism. He’s not really changing his testimony here, which, of course, is curious because all of us — you, me — have been under the belief since September 13th that Petraeus went out and said that it was a video, like everybody else in the regime.

Well, let’s review some of the histoire. On September 14th, three days after the attack at Benghazi, Petraeus told members of Congress that the video was the problem, the video is what caused a protest, which led to the attack on the embassy in Benghazi. Today, November 16th, so just a little over a month, it’s being said for him that his September the 14th story, he’s massaging that now and saying he meant or tried to convey on September 14th that it was terrorism, it was always terrorism. And I suspect the answer here lies in something Bill Kristol said on Fox earlier this week.

See, Kristol is the leader of the neocons. He knows these guys. Kristol said that somebody told him, Congress or somebody, that he ran into Petraeus at that original hearing, September 14th, and said, “What really happened?” Petraeus said, “You want the real version or you want our version?” And he said Petraeus said it’s terrorism, there’s no question, but we’re saying it’s the video. Kristol said something like this on Fox earlier this week. So therefore Kristol could confirm that it’s on record, “Oh, yeah, Petraeus said back then that it was terrorism all the way, but he had to say something else.”



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