Peace Update: What Hillary Gets

So you see, Hillary and Obama have brought us peace. It broke out eight minutes ago now in Gaza and in the Middle East. It does raise a question, though. Why did it take so long for Hillary to show up and get the credit she deserves? The peace was announced 24 hours ago. Now, this isn’t gonna be reported, and I don’t want anybody getting mad at me. I’m not trying to do anything here. I just heard that they actually had a peace deal 24 hours ago but they had to wait for Hillary to arrive to make it official, and in those 24 hours there was all kinds of violence and death, mayhem, murder that took place. But I guess it’s just the cost of war.

Netanyahu, Fox News: Hillary brokered the peace, the ceasefire. It’s over. There’s peace now. It reminds me of all the times that we’ve fixed the budget deficit. We’ve done that, let’s see, I remember at least since 1992, six different times that we’ve eliminated the deficit problem. It’s great. It really is. And now after, well, how many years, 50, 60 years, peace in the Middle East with Hamas. Well, you heard Netanyahu. We’re gonna be working with Obama to make sure that the Iranians don’t smuggle any weapons in there to Hamas. Yeah. I assume the Iranians have agreed. Hillary and Obama told ’em what-for just like they told Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood guy, “Look, stop this stuff in Gaza, we’re not gonna put up with it anymore.” And it stopped. They say stop, it stops.

So this probably means Congress will give Egypt that extra $400 million that Obama and Hillary have been asking for that the Muslim Brotherhood wants. It’s a great day. The day before Thanksgiving, peace, ceasefire, wonderful. I’m happy to have been here when it happened. To share this once in a lifetime world moment with you. I’m sure you’ve got a wave of warmth oozing through your body, realizing what is happening.



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