Obama’s TV Network Lays Off 450

“NBCUniversal is laying off about 450 people, or roughly 1.5 percent of its workforce of about 30,000, in a round of belt-tightening that began in September,” and this is Obama’s network. I mean, this network has been overrun by leftists. It has. Not just MSNBC.

I mean, the whole shootin’ match has been taken over by the leftists. And I want to see now. You know, when John Schnatter of Papa John’s says, “I gotta lay off some people or convert ’em to part time,” and when the Applebee’s guy does the same thing, they are hit on by leftist harassers! E-mail! Twitter! People are working up protests and anger against them. I want to see if these same leftists boycott their Hollywood buddies like they’re saying boycott Papa John’s and boycott Applebee’s.

I wonder if Peyton Manning will tell John Schnatter to take a hike. I don’t know how Manning votes on stuff, but once Manning hears that the company he’s endorsing is gonna be cutting people’s health care, who knows what’s gonna happen out there? I don’t know! Thirty years ago I coulda told you, but I don’t know today. Folks, I’m the last guy to tell you what, quote/unquote, “any man” is gonna do or say in any situation. Thirty years ago, yeah, I coulda told you.

But as of now, I am clueless.



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