Obama’s Policies Crush Those Who Voted for Him

Let’s look at this. Women and Latinos/Hispanics, and young skulls full of mush all came in big for Obama, and his policies are crushing them, particularly in terms of unemployment. But it didn’t matter. Female unemployment is at all-time high in this country, but they’re gonna get their birth control pills. Who would have ever believed…? You know, I saw Tucker Carlson last night on Fox.

He was talking about radio ads Obama was running in Pennsylvania, all on abortion. Single women in this country were actually moved to vote for Obama ’cause they thought Romney was gonna take abortion away from them. They were actually made to believe that. Romney couldn’t; there’s no president who can. It doesn’t matter. Not gonna take the chance. The truth and reality and the Constitution, doesn’t matter.


Obama’s policies are crushing women, young people. Look at student loan debt, look at the lack of jobs, look at the cost of college tuition. Obama’s making everything worse. These people showed up in droves. Why? Ditto Hispanics and their unemployment, and he didn’t even come through for ’em on immigration, and they still showed up. Why? Women voted Obama 55 to 43 for Romney. Massive gender gap, unchanged from 2008.

Unmarried women backed Obama 68% to 30%.



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