Obama’s Objective is Transforming an Unjust America, Not Economic Growth or Averting a Recession

I’m watching all of the talk from everybody, learned pundits, learned analysts, elected officials, and virtually everybody, and they’re all discussing this fiscal cliff issue. Identically the same. They are all analyzing it through the same prism. They’re all looking at it as though it’s no different than any other budget negotiation in the history of the country in the budget. But I keep hearing something that genuinely puzzles me.

And it’s this. Republicans have more leverage than they know. You know why? I’ll tell you why. It’s said that Republicans have more leverage than they know because Obama, he doesn’t want a second recession. He already had one of those in his first term, and now he’s in his second term, and now he’s gotta be concerned about his legacy, and there’s no way that Barack Obama wants a second recession to kick off his second term because that won’t look good on his legacy.

I’m dumbfounded by this. I’m perplexed. I am totally confused, because I need somebody to explain to me why Obama cares about not having a recession in his second term. Where is the evidence that Barack Obama cares about economic growth in the sense that you and I care about it? We have four years. And don’t tell me the debt deal in 2010 when Obama wanted to perpetuate, continue the Bush tax rates. That was not about economic growth. That was about Obama’s reelection. Barack Obama has stated since before he was elected, he stated during his campaign in 2007-2008, he stated in years prior that his objective is to transform the United States. He wants to turn this nation into a welfare state because, to him, that is what is fairness.

This country was founded unjustly and immorally by a bunch of elite white guys who founded the nation in a system to perpetuate people like them, in wealth and in power, in perpetuity. And in the process, minorities and people of color and indigenous peoples everywhere, nonwhites were given the shaft and never had a chance to succeed in this country. The game’s been rigged since the founding. His objective is to change that. He’s made no bones about it. If you’re Barack Obama, your objective is to totally transform the country and you are in the middle of successfully pulling that off, why would you be worried about something like a recession? Isn’t, in fact, perhaps a recession or more chaos exactly what you would want?



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