Obama’s Campaign Press Conference

Yeah, I can’t help laughing at what I’m looking at. We got this presidential press conference which we are not going to JIP. I don’t know how many of our local affiliates will preempt us to carry it ’cause it’s Obama’s first White House presser in eight months. I’ve got it up here, and every network has their White House correspondent all lined up in front of the presidential podium, and they’re all doing their live shots, talking to their network anchors, all telling their audiences what’s coming up in the presidential press conference. There was F. Chuck Todd; there was Jessica Yellin; there was Jonathan Karl. I mean, they’re two feet apart from each other. It looks like such overkill. You could do what they were doing with one camera and one reporter.

It’s just a campaign speech. I just listened to a little bit of the press conference and it’s nothing more than a campaign speech. It’s nothing more than the perpetual campaign. Basically what the president just said is, “I’m gonna raise taxes on the top 2%, and that’s gonna fix pretty much everything. I’ll gonna raise taxes, and I’m gonna take away some loophole deductions, and that sets everything right.

“That takes us away from the cliff. That pretty much sets us up. Look, you shouldn’t be surprised. Governor Romney said all he wanted to do was cut taxes for people, and I said I want a balanced approach, which includes raising taxes on the rich, and that’s what we’re gonna do. More people agree with me on this than even voted for me, so that’s what we’re gonna do here.”



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