Obama Readies His Revenge on the “Rich”

Now, Obama’s meeting with the CEOs. This is being portrayed as Obama wanting to have dialogue. “He really wants to talk to these guys. He wants to learn from them. He wants to work together with them in order to come up with mutually agreeable policies, ’cause he’s open to anything that will work.” Ahem. Instead, what’s gonna happen is Obama’s bringing the guys in there.

He’s speaking from a teleprompter and he’s gonna read them the way world works. He’s gonna tell them the way life is. He’s gonna tell ’em what their future is. He’s gonna let ’em say whatever they want to say and the meeting’s gonna be over, and that’s it. And what’s he gonna do? If you wondered what he meant during the campaign by, “Get your revenge by voting,” this may be it.

“President Obama is taking a hard line with congressional Republicans heading into negotiations over the year-end ‘fiscal cliff,’ making no opening concessions and calling for far more in new taxes than Republicans have so far been willing to consider.” In fact, Obama is now claiming he wants to double the tax increases on corporations and the wealthy from what he claimed during the campaign.

Maybe not quite double, but $1.6 trillion.

That’s the tax increase on corporations and the wealthy. This is the new tone, the new bipartisan spirit that he promised and what the American people voted for. “Obama is taking a hard line.” So these CEOs are being brought in today to be told what’s what. “Obama plans to open talks using his most recent budget proposal, which sought to raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy by $1.6 trillion over the next decade…



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