Obama-Protecting Reporters Argue with GOP Senators on Benghazi Investigation

Nobody died in Watergate. That is now popping up all over the place out there, people comparing this Benghazi thing to Watergate.

You know, here we’ve got four dead Americans and we still do not have an explanation for this, and it’s morphed into a sex scandal involving socialites and who knows whatever else. And of course it’s titillating, it’s a great distraction, but it isn’t getting us any answers to anything that really matters in terms of national security. Of course, the big question, what the president knew and when did he know it.

The reason I’m leading with this is just a few minutes ago Senator McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte, the senator from New Hampshire, had a press conference in which they called for a select Senate committee to investigate what happened at Benghazi. I saw Lindsey Graham, he was on Greta last night, and he made the same pitch. Now, remember, the Republicans are in the minority on this, a request for select committee to find out what happened. He said, (paraphrasing) “Well, we don’t want the House committee doing this and the Senate committee doing this, and some other committee. There’s three different ways you could go with this.” He said, “Let’s pool our resources. Let’s have one select committee of members of the House and Senate, both parties, and let’s dig into this.”

So far not one Democrat has reacted to this proposal, not one Democrat has reacted to the idea, and it was fascinating to listen to the questions that Grahamnesty and Kelly Ayotte and McCain got today. Well, I overuse the word fascinating. It wasn’t fascinating. In fact, it was utterly predictable. Now, the reporters were not miked, so I had to sit here and I had to jack up my audio potentiometer to full gain. The volume control. I have a first-class radio telephone license with the FCC. I know what a potentiometer is. That’s what we insiders call the volume control. I jacked up my potentiometer to full gain. That means all the way up. And even at that, because of my hearing disability, I was having trouble hearing, but I heard enough.



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