Obama Holds Record for Four Largest Deficits in U.S. History

In this corner, the challenger, representing the responsible adult who tries to balance his checkbook every month and to save money for his/her children so their future will be safe: The American Taxpayer!

And in this corner, the undefeated champion, representing the height of fiscal irresponsibility, the man who has presided over an unbelievable, unprecedented four straight years of the highest four national deficits in U.S. history; the man who will assure your children that their future has been stolen by their parents, the President of your United States: Barack Obama!

Okay, you two, come out fighting. And no low blows.

Yup, Barack Obama has now given us four years of deficits that were $1.4 trillion, 1.3 trillion, 1.3 trillion, and 1.1 trillion. There have never been deficits remotely approaching these; the last year of George W. Bush’s tenure, the deficit was less than half of a trillion dollars.

The idea that raising taxes on the wealthy would be more than a drop in the bucket of the deficit is ludicrous. And the idea that Obama will actually rein in spending, especially with his buddies in the public sector unions, is ten times more ludicrous than that.



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