Obama Admits Government Doesn’t Function Unless He Gives Special Orders

There were two speeches today. Romney gave a speech back on the campaign trail and it was dynamite. It was really good. Obama is in Green Bay right now. Now, everybody here listening knows that I don’t like Obama. Everybody knows that I’ve never been fooled by Obama, and everybody knows that I’ve got a prejudice and a bias against Obama. I mean, I hope he loses. I want him to lose big. I want him to lose in a landslide. I want this country to reject everything he stands for. That’s what my dream is, okay? Even having said that, this speech today is one of the most tired, worn-out, repetitive, nothing new in it. I mean, if this is a turnout election, I don’t see what he’s doing turning his people out. I don’t see this as inspiring.

He’s got a crowd there at Austin Straubel International Airport in Green Bay. He’s wearing his Air Force One jacket. He’s saying things like, (imitating Obama) “We’re gonna keep investing in solar and wind and clean energy, green energy. I don’t care what anybody says, I’m not gonna cede any of that to other countries.” It’s bombing! All of that is bombing. Do you know that there were 16 electric cars, these Fisker things, 16 Fisker Karmas burned up after being submerged in water by Hurricane Sandy. I don’t know where. Obviously in New York or in New Jersey somewhere. Terrible thing. Then he was talking about Al-Qaeda’s on the run.

The day after Fox News discovers that there was a cable from the dead ambassador Chris Stevens to Washington begging for security at the consulate in Benghazi, saying that Al-Qaeda is massing here, Al-Qaeda is organizing and they’re planning attacks. This was in the weeks prior to the attack. It was an Al-Qaeda attack. An Al-Qaeda attack planned and strategerized, killed four Americans. Everybody knows this. Obama, “Al-Qaeda’s on the run.”



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