More Outrageous Benghazi News

Well, I think what’s going on, I think the Clintons are consulting with lawyers, ’cause this is going to get investigated after the election. All the rocks are gonna be turned over on this. There’s gonna be hell to pay for this. Folks, just what we know now, there’s gonna be a price to be paid, and I think Bill and Hillary got together with some lawyers and they sent her out there. She did not take responsibility for what happened. She said that she accepts that the security of the consulate and the embassies is her responsibility. People said, “Okay, so she’s falling on the sword for Barry.” But she did not specifically take responsibility for allowing the attack to happen. She did not specifically say that.

Now, what we have learned, Catherine Herridge is the latest reporter at Fox, it was Jennifer Griffin on Friday, Catherine Herridge yesterday, she found a cable from the ambassador himself, Chris Stevens, from August. The cable went to Obama. It went to everybody. It went to State, went to everybody. They all saw it. The cable said that Al-Qaeda was amassing. Al-Qaeda, which Obama said today in Green Bay again, (imitating Obama) “Al-Qaeda is in retreat.” I forget what his term is. “Al-Qaeda is on the run and Osama Bin Laden is dead.” Well, in August there’s a cable from our ambassador: Al-Qaeda is amassing, and they are preparing for an attack, and he requested security. He got nothing.

There wasn’t one request for security that was honored at any time. A month before, a day before, and the seven hours of the attack, there was not one request that was honored for help during the attack, security beforehand, not one was honored, even though it was known that it was Al-Qaeda planning an attack and that it was Al-Qaeda that carried out the attack. Everybody knew and still maintained it was the video.



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