Media Lauds ‘Occupy Sandy,’ Ignores Religious Relief Efforts

Just as President Obama used Hurricane Sandy to wash away his sins of incompetence, the Occupy movement has also found an opportunity for reviving their image in the wake of the disaster. The movement has spawned “Occupy Sandy,” a relief effort that has garnered positive press, while similar work by religious groups has gone unheralded.

In a disaster the magnitude of Sandy, anyone who brings help deserves praise; to that extent the Occupy movement has offered legitimate aid to people and deserves credit. That being said, Occupiers haven’t received this much positive press since… well, the birth of the Occupy movement itself.

As demonstrated in the film “Occupy Unmasked,” when the Occupy protests started to pick up steam in September and October of 2011, the media practically tripped over itself to give the nascent movement positive press. A quick Google search reveals that same pattern of boosting by the press is being repeated with Occupy Sandy.



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