Likely Voter Poll: Romney Ahead in Deep Blue Minnesota

We’ve been reporting for close to a week that Minnesota, the bluest of blue states, which has voted for the Democratic candidate in every election since 1976, is very much in play for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Today, we got statistical confirmation that is the case via an American Future Fund poll. From the polling memo:

1. The Presidential ballot in Minnesota is a dead heat.

Mitt Romney has a one point lead on the ballot (46% Romney/45% Obama.). The demographics of the state clearly make Minnesota a battleground state.

2. Mitt Romney leads Independents by double digits.

As we are seeing across the country, Romney’s lead in the state is driven by Independent voters (49% Romney/36% Obama). Due to his consistent advantage with Independents, Romney leads or is tied with the President across the battleground states – even those that traditionally lean Democratic.



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