Lies, Damned Lies, and NPR Statistics

Scott Horsley of National Public Radio is a big fan of President Barack Obama–and is cheerleading for Obama’s attempt to get Republicans to agree to new tax hikes on the rich. His latest effort involves misusing exit poll data to convince NPR’s elite liberal listeners that an electorate that just re-elected the anti-tax Republicans to lead the House of Representatives wants those same Republicans to cave on the issue that has defined their caucus.

Horsley said today on NPR’s Morning Edition (emphasis added):

Indeed, exit polls found 60 percent of voters believe income taxes should go up — either for the wealthiest Americans or for everyone. That includes 40 percent of the people who voted for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Note the sleight of hand there. Horsley arrives at his conclusion that a majority of voters favor Obama’s position by lumping in those who want taxes to increase for everyone with those who want taxes on the rich alone.



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