It’s a Mess in NY and NJ — But the Media Tells Us Obama Looks “Presidential”

From Bloomberg News, here’s the headline: “Commuter Delays Rage as New York City Begins Bounce Back from Hurricane Sandy — Miles-long traffic jams and intersections choked with cyclists –” Nothing angers drivers more than a pack of cyclists, arrogant cyclists who think they own the road. They’re worse than joggers. So you got people on bicycles all over the place. They “greeted commuters trying to get to work in New York as the most populous US city struggled back to its feet.”

Mayor Bloomberg is limiting cars into the city. You gotta have three people in the car or you don’t get in. They’re turning people away. So you don’t get in unless you got three people in the car. Now, again, the election is Tuesday.

Snerdley, have you heard about the roving bands of kids that are ransacking whatever they can? There is looting going on, yeah, and they’re calling these wolf packs, these kids. And of course there are no guns in the hands of the innocent in New York City. The south end is dark, that’s right, southern Manhattan. In fact, Page Six of the New York Post today was practically devoted to all the Hollywood types that had to leave Tribeca and lower Manhattan to check into hotels on the Upper East Side ’cause there’s no power in their lofts and so forth. I mean, a big list of ’em and how they’re all hanging around at the bars and how cool it is.



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