Iranians Fire on US Drone; Mohammed Filmmaker Sentenced to Year in Jail

Jennifer Griffin at Fox News is reporting here that the Pentagon is confirming Iran has fired at a US drone in the Persian Gulf region. Okay, what did we do now? It’s gotta be our fault. What the hell did we do now? Who did we tick off? The Iranians are firing at us! The filmmaker, he’s gone to jail for a year. It can’t be the filmmaker. There’s gotta be another movie out there, folks.

The Iranians knocked out one of our drones. It happened on November 1st, folks. We’re just now finding out about it after the election. And there is an investigation underway to see if this guy, the filmmaker, did something while in jail to anger the Iranians.

Something tells me that there is nobody else, besides this guy, serving time in prison for using an alias and having a fake driver’s license. California is letting murderers and rapists out of prison early because there’s overcrowding. But this guy, the filmmaker, is in jail for a year. I wonder if he tweeted something to make the Iranians mad, ’cause they fired on us.



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