History Shows Amnesty Won’t Win Hispanic Votes for Republicans

Republicans are in a panic here deciding to now work with Democrats on bringing more Democrats into the country, more low-income Democrats. Illegal immigration means more low-income Democrats. It is this outreach business.

I want to give you some numbers that I mentioned late last week. In 1984, Ronald Reagan was elected president with 37%… By the way, I don’t care how far back you go, no Republican has ever received more than 40% of the Hispanic vote. No matter what they’ve done, no matter what they’ve said, no matter what their policies were, no Republican has ever received more than 40% of the Hispanic vote. It’s systemic. It votes Democrat.

They vote not based on immigration at all, and here’s the proof. In 1984, Ronaldus Magnus wins in a landslide, and in ’84 Ronaldus Magnus got 37% of the Hispanic vote. Two years later, Reagan signed into law amnesty for three million illegals, called Simpson-Mazzoli. Now, according to the wizards in the Republican consultancy class, that should have meant droves of Hispanics voting for the next Republican in 1988.



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