Hispandering: Is That What We Need to Do?

I want to take you back again. Ronald Reagan, 1986, if you’re just joining us, 1986, Ronald Reagan signed into law the Simpson-Mazzoli amnesty bill which granted amnesty to three million illegals. And we were told that that was it, okay, we got it done now, and we’re gonna secure the border and we’ve solved the problem; there won’t be any more illegal immigration. Well, we all know we’re up to between 12 and 20 million illegals now, and we’re talking about doing it all over again.

But in 1984, two years before amnesty, Ronald Reagan got 37% of the Hispanic vote. Two years later, 1986, signs into law amnesty, granting status, citizenship, to three million illegals. Two years after that, George H. W. Bush, the veep, runs for president as a Republican and got 30% of the Hispanic vote. So Reagan before amnesty got 37%. After amnesty, the Republicans got 30%. We lost Hispanic voters after amnesty. Now, I don’t know if amnesty is why we lost 7% of the Hispanic vote, but we sure as hell didn’t increase it with amnesty. And yet here we are in 2012, and all the wizards of smart, all the smart people say we gotta do it again. “You Republicans, I mean, you’re Neanderthals, you gotta be like us Democrats,” which of course is what the Democrats want, right?

I think they’d love it. If the Republican Party caved, if the Republican Party gave up and just became Democrats that called themselves Republicans, that’d be cool, they’d be cool with that. So, carrying this forward, if we want outreach for the single women vote, we now have to be pro-abortion and we have to be in favor of giving away birth control pills as part of every health insurance policy in the country. That’s the ticket, right? I mean, how else are we gonna get those voters, folks? We have to reach out, and next, we gotta reach out to the gay community and understand they’re not happy with us, ’cause we’re not for gay marriage on the Republican side. Well, we gotta throw that aside and the Republican Party now has to openly support gay marriage, as part of the Republican Party getting with it. Yeah, getting out of this hole that we’re digging, we’ve gotta get real here, in the twenty-first century. We understand where this country is.



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