According to Politico, David Plouffe was on Meet the Press today and he was accusing some of the “politicizing Benghazi.” He is dead wrong – unless he looks in the mirror. There are 4 Americans murdered….and it happened two months ago. Getting the facts – as we are trying to do – is not politicizing. However, hiding the facts is politicizing. Giving out silly stories that are untrue is politicization. So to the extent there is politicization, shame on him.

Rather than making accusations of politicization, he should ask his boss why the Administration cover story (video and protest), why Ambassador Susan Rice gave her incorrect statement on the 4 Sunday shows, why did his boss on Letterman on September 24 and continued to push the untrue story, why did his boss go on the View and push that story, why the President did not call Tunisia himself and tell them we want to talk to the suspect in their custody and instead it took two US Senators Lindsey Graham and Saxby Chambliss to do it last week and they did it in 24 hours, why did the FBI not pick up the documents that Foreign Policy did on Oct 26, etc… and perhaps Plouffe might ask why so many in the media were willing to accept the Administration’s silly video / protest story that was spoon fed to them by the Administration.

It has taken Fox pounding on this story (with the recent help of CBS and Foreign Policy discovering disturbing documents on Oct 26 in the Benghazi consulate) to get the CIA to start talking….and to get some news organizations to begrudgingly admit something is very wrong. They now are.

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