First Election Day votes cast as Romney takes campaign into Tuesday, Obama asks for time to ‘finish what we started’

Polls have begun to open across America after two tiny villages in northern New Hampshire kicked off the 2012 election by casting the first Election Day votes early Tuesday.

President Obama and Republican Mitt Romney each won five votes in the small town of Dixville Notch, which was the first to announce its results after polls opened and closed within 43 seconds.

In Hart’s Location Obama won with 23 votes, Romney received 9 and Libertarian Gary Johnson received 1 vote after 5 minutes, 42 seconds of voting. The towns have enjoyed first-vote status since 1948.

Meanwhile, Romney was taking his nearly six-year campaign for the presidency all the way to Election Day, making last-minute plans to visit two vital battlegrounds on Tuesday, while Obama held a nighttime rally in Iowa Monday.



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