Don’t Expect the Petraeus Testimony to Contradict the Regime’s Libya Story

It’s actually impossible to know when Petraeus is gonna testify. NBC and Fox say Friday. ABC says… No, wait. Fox says Friday. Everybody else says Thursday. Then there’s the Senate and the House, and then some say that John Kerry (who served in Vietnam, by the way) will conduct the Senate off-site, behind-closed-doors testimony. I don’t even know, folks, why Petraeus’ testimony is relevant.

The president’s got a press conference in a little bit over an hour. He’s gonna answer everybody’s questions about this and it will be over. No, no, no. I’m kidding. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t get a question about it. Let’s play a little game and make a little prediction. If Obama gets questions about Benghazi, my bet is that the question will be, “What do you think of these sneaky Republicans, Graham and McCain, who want to appoint a select committee to look into what happened to the video filmmaker?”

Does anybody really think the media is gonna ask Obama what really happened in Benghazi? The media is there to cover for the guy. The media is there to protect him. Whatever questions he gets about Benghazi are gonna be softballs and setups that are designed to have him sweep it under the rug as far as most people are concerned, so that whatever comes afterwards is made to look like it’s about a bunch of sore losers.



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