Dingy Harry: We Won’t Work with Mitt

Breitbart is reporting Dingy Harry, the Senate majority leader, pledged to stonewall any attempt by Mitt Romney to pass his agenda if elected. Now, why would Harry Reid say that? Let’s look at this. In the first place, we’re told that we gotta have people walk across the aisle, bipartisanship. That was Obama, by the way. He was gonna end partisanship.

Obama was gonna bring us all together.

Okay, that didn’t happen. Obama is the most-partisan and divisive president in American history. I’m pretty confident in saying that. He’s the most divisive president in American history, on purpose and by design. Obama does not like half the country. Can I just be blunt? He does not like half the country. He does not like conservatives. He does not like Republicans. Yet he was the big bipartisan guy!

He was the guy who was going to come long and end partisanship, who was going to bring people together. Hope, change, all that. You know it. Now, Mitt Romney’s out talking about that. Mitt Romney is out talking about building this country back up, putting it together, moving it forward. Reversing the trajectory that we’re on, reversing the direction, streamlining it and all that. Harry Reid today pledged to block Romney’s agenda if elected.

Now, why say that?



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