Dems May Lose A Senate Seat if Kerry Moves to Cabinet

There’s a danger for Barack Obama if he names Massachusetts senator John Kerry to his cabinet: he might wind up with Republican Scott Brown winning the special election that would ensue. Despite losing his Senate seat to Elizabeth Warren, Brown still has a great deal of popularity in the state, and his political operation is still warm from the recent election. Brown also would benefit from a lower turnout special election than in a presidential election and the lack of a candidate with high recognition like Warren.

Massachusetts GOP strategist Rob Gray commented, “Brown’s potential advantage is he’ll have a weaker opponent and a better electorate. He starts with high favorables, a statewide organization and a huge fundraising potential — I don’t think it’s a lay-up for the guy, but I certainly think it’s winnable.”

The Democratic candidates who do have high recognition are uninterested; Gov. Deval Patrick has stated he wants to remain governor until 2014, while Rep. Barney Frank isn’t interested either.



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