Democrats Choose to Ignore 2010

Again, I want to go back. There are two polling groups that have pulled out of Virginia (one of them a month ago) saying that it’s over in and North Carolina. Suffolk Polling pulled out. They’re thinking, “It’s over there. We’re not gonna spend any more money there.”

Another poll pulled out of Florida yesterday or the day before. But the Drive-Bys continue to poll these states, obviously, and the Drive-Bys continue to put out polling data. “It’s tied! It’s Obama here, Obama there, Romney there!” Nobody knows. That’s why I say it’s a turnout election now. It really is a turnout election. I was reading something today…

And all of this is anecdotal. I’m almost reluctant to pass this kind of stuff on because you can’t say that it means anything nationally, but it’s still interesting to hear. A college professor sent a note. I think it was to National Review, but it might have been Red State or some other blog. The college professor said (summarized), “You know, students in my classes this year could not care less about this election, versus the students in my class four years ago.

“This year, they don’t care. They’re not even paying much attention to it. And in a turnout election, if that means anything — if that ever could be extrapolated and said to have some scientific relationship to students across the country — it’s not good for Obama.” But you just don’t know. Here’s a story from the Washington Times by Ralph Hallow.



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