DASHCAM VIDEO: 14 Illegals Pile Out of Car

Dashcam video captures 14 illegal immigrants piling out of a car and running from police. What was supposed to be a routine traffic stop turned out to be anything but. Fox 25’s Kisha Henry shows us why deputies think the unusual scene could become a lot more typical.

Sgt. Cody Palmer is the Canadian County Sheriff’s Deputy who made the stop. He says he’s seen a lot of things being transported across the interstate– narcotics, money loads, stolen property– but nothing like this.

“I’m driving eastbound on I-40,” says Sgt. Palmer, describing the scene. He says he pulled over the red Trailblazer with Alabama plates for following a semi too closely. “He’s so close, he’s less than a car-length’s distance,” says Sgt. Palmer.



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