Court halts planned ‘spychip’ expulsion

A court has stepped into a school dispute in San Antonio, Texas, ordering that a district cannot expel a student over her refusal to wear a badge signifying participation in the district’s computer-chip based “Student Locator Project.”

The Rutherford Institute, which is working on the case of student Andrea Hernandez of John Jay High School’s Science and Engineering Academy, said the badges for the program include Radio Frequency Identification chips that send signals enabling school officials to track students’ locations continuously on campus.

“For sophomore Andrea Hernandez, the badges pose a significant religious freedom concern in addition to the obvious privacy issues,” her legal team said.

The attorneys had filed a petition for a temporary restraining order and immediate injunctive and declaratory relief alleging that the school’s actions violate Hernandez’s rights under the Texas Religious Freedom Act and the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.



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