Coulter: ‘We Have More Takers Than Makers and It’s Over’

Today on The Laura Ingraham Show, Laura Ingraham spoke to conservative commentator, columnist and best-selling author Ann Coulter. In discussing Governor Mitt Romney’s loss to President Obama, Coulter stood by Mitt Romney and declared his defeat as a sign that the conservative movement is all but over. Laura, however, said Romney was a weak candidate, and that America still longs for conservative leadership.

Coulter began by defending Romney’s campaign strategy, saying @(0:52): “Romney ran… a magnificent campaign. I think he was the perfect candidate.” She continued, saying @(1:44) “[His campaign] was better than Ronald Reagan’s.”

Laura took issue with Coulter’s statement, saying @(3:28): “I can’t imagine that you, having seen the Ronald Reagan apparatus and Ronald Reagan’s booming and persuasive oratory, would say that Mitt Romney’s speeches were in any way Reaganesque or approaching them.”
Coulter was pessimistic about the future of conservatism, saying @(2:30): “People are suffering. The country is in disarray. If Mitt Romney cannot win in this economy, then the tipping point has been reached. We have more takers than makers and it’s over. There is no hope.”



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