CNN: Time for a Gas Tax Hike

Talks between the White House and GOP leaders in the House of Representatives are on everyone’s mind, and solutions and ideas are coming fast and thick from many corners of Washington. But CNN thinks it has the way to fix it all: raise the gas tax.

Dishonestly portraying “some experts” as offering a new fix to the fiscal cliff, CNN explored the idea of hiking the federal gas tax because, author Steve Hargreaves says, the current 18.4 cents per gallon is “not enough.”

“As lawmakers race to negotiate a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff,” Hargreaves urgently reports, “some experts say one tax increase should be on the table: a gas tax hike.”

The tax, which raises $32 billion a year, hasn’t been raised since 1993, he tells us. This is just not enough to serve our needs, Hargreaves reports “an expert” as saying.

“Establishing a sustainable resource base for transportation needs to be part of any grand bargain,” said Emil Frankel, a former transportation expert in the George W. Bush administration and now director of transportation policy at the Bipartisan Policy Center. “In the short run, raising the gas tax is the best way to do that.”



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