CNN: Petraeus To Testify He Knew Libya Was Terrorism ‘Almost Immediately’

Just a few minutes ago on CNN, Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr reported that a high-placed source informed her that former CIA Chief David Petraeus will use his upcoming testimony to amend his previous testimony. According to this source, Petraeus will tell the closed door congressional hearing that he knew “almost immediately” that the September 11 anniversary attack on our Libyan consulate was a terrorist attack committed by the al-Qaeda-linked militia Ansar Al Sharia.

Other than Petraeus’s upcoming testimony being “different than what he initially said,” Starr’s source also reported that Petraeus will tell Congress that at first there were at least 20 different intelligence reports floating around that said the video was responsible for the attack, and that over time, those reports were “slowly disproved.”

Petraeus also told this source he believed the CIA talking points given to Susan Rice came from within the White House or Administration.

This is all a little muddled, but it’s important to keep one vital point in mind…



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