California, Here We Come

In the wee hours of the morning after it became apparent that California Governor Jerry Brown won big. Jerry Brown convinced voters in his state to raise taxes on themselves, called Proposition 30. Prop 30 had the full support of unions, which will reap a windfall from the taxes imposed on the rich. One of the taxes that Californians voted for is a tax on high earners. It’s retroactive. It will stay in place for seven years. A retroactive income tax on high earners in California voted for by Californians.

There are not enough California high earners for this to pass, if only they voted for it. Now, Heather Mac Donald says, break this down, that you’re gonna find that quite a few traditional Democrat voters voted to raise taxes retroactively on the rich. And among those voters you’ll find enough or a lot of Hispanic voters and a lot of female voters and a lot of other minority voters, because that’s how they’re aligned. They vote for two things: Santa Claus and progressive taxation on the rich. Now, the imposition of these new taxes in California means, according to Governor Moonbeam, that he won’t have to enact harsh spending cuts on the schools and the universities. Now, we’re gonna keep track of this. I’ve iCal’d this one.

Governor Brown says that because the people of California voted to raise taxes on themselves, there will not be any cuts for schools and universities. California voters have been promised with these taxes they imposed on themselves that their budget problems are over. So for the next seven years, the Democrats in California ought not harangue all of you people out there with tales of woe about budget deficits ’cause it’s been fixed, at least when it comes to the schools and the universities. The teachers unions, every one of them should all live happily ever after now for the next seven years with the money that you have voted retroactively, raising taxes on yourselves, via Prop 30. And of course they shouldn’t spend more than they take in, right? This new windfall revenue is gonna cover everything and there shouldn’t be any new spending now, and there won’t be, of course, the governor promised.



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