Black Friday Illegal in Oklahoma?

This is quite an interesting law. You can check out the wording of it here: Unfair Sales Act

Usually I’m all about freedom and keeping government out of our lives. But this law brings about an interesting discussion since it protects the little guy, especially the local mom and pop stores. Plus, as you see every black Friday, sometimes you just have to save people from stupid.

Look this over and give us a comment on what you think.

Here’s a story about this unique law:

If there’s one thing I’ve learned covering holiday shopping, it’s that consumers are hungry for a deal.

A $50 gift card with purchase of an iPhone or iPod; a $20 gift card when buying a Nintendo DSi; a can of cranberry sauce or turkey gravy for under a buck — these are just a few of the offers Walmart had for holiday shoppers in 2010.

But these deals weren’t available in Oklahoma. The world’s largest retailer excludes our state on offers like these due to a state law that requires stores to sell items at least 6 percent above cost.

The Oklahoma Unfair Sales Act was passed in 1949. It’s designed to protect small businesses from the pricing advantages large chains have and hopefully prevent this scenario: retail giant rolls into town, sells goods super cheap, puts little guy out of business, then jacks up their prices.



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