Bill Clinton: “I May be the Only Person in America, But I’m Far More Enthusiastic About Obama This Time”

“Hey, everywhere I go, they say they’re so disappointed. They were hoping for this; they’re wanting change there and they’re hoping for that, and ‘I’m disappointed in this; I’m disappointed in that.'” He’s not talking about Republicans. He’s not talking to Republican groups. Boy, with friends like this, who needs enemies? In Florida he’s saying (impression), “Yeah, everywhere I go people tell me how disappointed they are.

“They wanted change and didn’t get it. Yeah. Now, I may be the only guy in America (laughing) but I’m more excited (laughing)…” I’m sorry, folks. I’m sorry. I don’t see how that works for Obama! Let’s see. Oh, the unemployment rate. I saw Obama today. Obama’s out there saying, “We had more jobs created last month than at any time since I’ve been president.”

The unemployment rate went up to 7.9% from 7.8%, and as usual… (sigh) Well, I predict the postelection revisions in these numbers are gonna shock a lot of people. And if Obama’s already-promised policies, already not quite etched in stone — if he’s reelected and they’re implemented — we’re speeding right into another recession. The horror stories that are coming out state by state now about tax increases and costs of premiums for health insurance with this early implementation of Obamacare, are scary.

So this 7.9% number, it went up, and Obama’s out saying (impression), “Well, the only reason it went up is because more people are looking for work. They’re feeling better about finding a job, aaaaand more people are looking for work.” When he took office, the unemployment rate was 7.8%. He spent the stimulus, and promised a 5.2% employment. He was promising 500,000 jobs a month. This 171,000 jobs number today is barely enough to keep up with our population growth.



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