Baracka Claus is Coming to Town!

Food stamps surged by the most in a year in the two months prior to the election. All-time record. A delayed release of information. The regime withheld information on food stamp usage.

You know, the Republican Party could always use better candidates, but that being said, what kind of candidate overcomes this? “Obama’s USDA delayed release of a shockingly huge surge in food stamp usage.” Here are the numbers. Obama delayed releasing information revealing a record breaking monthly increase from July to August of 421,000. That’s almost 10,000 new food stamp recipients per state in a single month, 421,000 new food stamp users. They all voted Obama, folks, I guarantee you. We now have a culture that will vote itself a lifestyle it is unwilling to earn. And that’s cruel.

I will be castigated for saying that. What will they say? That’s insulting Obama voters. That’s calling them moochers. That’s calling them slackers. And this again, see, this is how Limbaugh loses votes for the Republican Party, slandering Obama voters. We’re never gonna get those voters as long as I keep talking about them. “Limbaugh, as long as you keep saying that people will vote themselves lifestyles they are unwilling to earn, the Republicans are never gonna get those votes.” Really? He-he-he-he. It’s actually kind of comical. Vote buying really took off during the summer. It’s just that nobody knew about it. And we’re told Republicans are supposed to study this sort of thing and learn lessons that can be applied to 2016. Well, what’s the lesson here?


No, no, no, Snerdley said, “We gotta give away more stuff?” Do you think the Democrats are going to let us in on the giveaway game? Ha-ha-ha. Oh, that’s wonderful. That’s a solution. Let’s engage in the giveaway game. We have a new song. I was withholding this for the Christmas season. I’ve been waiting. I think it’s time to use it. We got Baracka Claus is Coming to Town. Let’s just go all-in. They’re gonna dump on us anyway. So go all-in here, folks. Sit back and enjoy.



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